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Product Information

This CPM has an anatomical design that mimics the natural knee movement. The adjustable thigh support ensures maximum comfort for the users as it has no support bar in the perineal area. This Performa is supplied with washable, auto-claveable covers.



Designed for patient comfort:
The Kinetec Performa™ has been designed with the patient's movement and comfort in mind. This CPM mimics the movement of the patient around the hip and knee area to ensure the best possible fit to the patient. In addition, the single thigh support is designed to move across to the outside of the patients thigh, thus ensuring that the perineal area is always clear allowing better patient positioning.


Great functionality:
The Kinetec Performa™ offers a full range of movement options and controls, set by using the handset. The following elements can be set and controlled via the handset - extension and flexion limits, speed, resistive force, timer and pause in extension and flexion. The hand control has clear start and stop buttons.  


Wide range of patients accommodated:
The Kinetec Performa has been cleverly designed to accommodate very short patients (children) to very tall patients using a clever frame design.


Patient safety:
The handset can be easily locked to prevent alteration of the parameters by patients whilst in use.


Outstanding range of motion:
This CPM provides a wide range of motion from -3 degrees of hyperextension to 130 degrees of flexion allows treatment of most knee & hip pathologies.


Active resistance:
The strong frame enables patients who require some early resistance exercise to work actively against the machine..


Washable, auto-claveable pads:

This version of the Performa™ is supplied with washable, auto-claveable pads that should be changed between patients. They are soft and comfortable to the touch and are held in place with Velcro®. (Supplied with straps, foot support and mattress).




Accessories include bed strap (to hold it in place on the bed), transport wheels, transport cart and trolley. Disposable, single-patient pads can be used with the Performa.



Product: Weight 15kg (33 pounds)

Product: Splint dimensions 109 cm (43 in) x 33 cm (13 in) x 35cm (14 in)

Product: Angular limits -3 to 130° 

Product: Speed from 35 to 180° per minute for long femur; from 40 to 215° per minute for medium femur; from 65 to 385° per minute for short femur.

Product: Patient height from 1.12m (3' 8") to 2.06m (6' 9")

Product: Maximum user weight 135kg (298 pounds)

Electrical: Power supply 100-240 V~  

Electrical: Frequency 50-60Hz

Electrical: Power consumption 20W

Electrical: Device of type B Class 1

Electrical: IP 20

Storage/Transport Conditions: Temperature -40 to 70°C / -40 to 160°F

Storage/Transport Conditions: Relative humidity up to 90%

Operating Conditions: Room temperature 10 to 40°C (50 to 105°F)

Operating Conditions: Relative humidity up to 80%

Warranty: 2 Years

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