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The Kinetec Spectra Essential™ combines stylish design and outstanding functionality with a simple hand control. This version comes with PU pads that can be wiped clean between patients.


Simple to use hand control:
The Kinetec Spectra Essential™ has a simple hand control that allows the user to set the parameters on a simple digital keyboard.


Movements and controls available:
The following elements can be set and controlled via the simple handset - extension and flexion limits, speed and pause in extension and flexion. The hand control has clear start and stop buttons.


Patient safety:
The handset can be easily locked to prevent alteration of the parameters by patients whilst in use.


Outstanding range of motion:
This CPM provides a wide range of motion from -10 of hyperextension to 120 degrees of flexion allows treatment of most knee & hip pathologies.



Product: Weight 12kg (26 pounds)

Product: Splint dimensions 95 cm (37 in) x 33 cm (13 in) x 33cm (13 in)

Product: Angular limits -10 to 120° 

Product: Speed from 40 to 145° per minute.

Product: Patient height from 1.45 m (4' 9") to 1.95 m (6' 4")

Product: Patient full leg from 71cm to 99cm (30” to 39”); Tibia from 38 to 53cm (15” to 21”); Femur from 33 to 46cm (13” to 18”)

Product: With pediatric footplate option- patient full leg from 53cm to 109cm (21” to 43”); Tibia from 20 to 56cm (8” to 22”);

Product: Maximum user weight 135kg (298 pounds)

Electrical: Power supply 100-240 V~  

Electrical: Frequency 50-60Hz

Electrical: Power consumption 20W

Electrical: Device of type B Class 1

Electrical: IP 20

Storage/Transport Conditions: Temperature -40 to 70°C / -40 to 160°F

Storage/Transport Conditions: Relative humidity up to 90%

Operating Conditions: Room temperature 10 to 40°C (50 to 105°F)

Operating Conditions: Relative humidity up to 80%

Warranty: 2 Years​ New.  Replaced within 24 hours if Rental.

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